2002, 2024

The Windshield Guy

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Let me tell you a little bit about me, and then I’ll tell you a little bit about my boss – “The Windshield Guy,” aka “The Eye Candy.” I’ll get to that later. I’ve worked at SHIELDS Windshields for over seven years. This job found me by chance. Before I worked here, I helped with some artwork for one of their customers who ordered banners every year for seniors. The Shields liked my work and found themselves in need of a marketing manager and somebody who would be able to do some killer graphics for them. That was me. My [...]

2009, 2023

THIS IS SHIELDS® Windshields: How it all began

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It’s been almost 50 years since Bill and Jacki Shields started Form Tec Plastics in the basement of their Lake Edgewood home. Since then, the company has continued to expand its footprint and SHIELDS® Windshields has emerged as an industry leader. Tucked away in Martinsville, Indiana, the company has developed a worldwide reputation for excellence, but how well do you know how it got there? Second-generation family member and President, Brad Shields, sat down with his daughter, Director Alyxa McKee, who represents the third generation, and in a podcast, they talk about some of the early days of the company. [...]

1204, 2021

Shipping, Shipping, and more Shipping

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Let's talk about SHIPPING! We spend a lot of time on our product, process, and bringing you the best polycarbonate windshield in the industry! Part of that includes shipping and there is a lot to shipping - so let's dive in Lead Times Let's start this off by addressing the big thing here...LEAD times! Our lead times at SHIELDS vary. It all depends on what you order and how many. We have our general retail that we do our BEST to keep stocked; however, we cannot seem to keep them on our shelves. We are currently asking 3-5 BUSINESS Days [...]

704, 2021

Volvo Wheel Loader Replacement Windshield

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SHIELDS People, I want to tell you about this 1 piece Volvo wheel loader windshield but I also want to praise our team here at SHIELDS! This team pulled off an amazing feat with this Volvo Wheel Loader and I could not let this go untold. If you are reading this then you know we now have the Volvo F, G, and H wheel loader series windshield and windows. Replacing glass is what we do here day and in and out; however, this task was a little unique. Normally we bring in the glass and replicate it but this time [...]

2903, 2021

Your Logo on your SHIELDS Product

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Hi SHIELDS People! Ever want your logo on all of your stuff? That branding is important so let's talk about that a little! Branding is an important part of a business. It is how you can get referrals, customer retention, and it is how you are recognized in your industry. We understand that this is important to you and we want to help you keep your branding on your equipment. We can help with our part marker lasers. We have part makers that can be customized to your branding by adding your LOGO. Let's dive into this. Whether you have [...]

803, 2021

Heavy Equipment Replacement Doors

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Hey SHIELDS People, Let's chat about our heavy equipment replacement doors, specifically about our 1/4" doors and all of our gauges! To make it easy below is a bullet point list of what we recommended our polycarbonate doors are used for, but not limited to the following: 3/8" Polycarbonate Door Grass Mowing General Contracting Material Handling NOT for Demolition NOT for Brush Cutting NOT for Wood Processors 1/2" Polycarbonate Doors Demolition Forestry Application Ground Clearing Brush Cutters Tree Shears 1/4" Polycarbonate Doors People are sometimes not sure if they should get 1/4" polycarbonate to replace their glass. If that is [...]

503, 2021

When To Order a Custom Windshield

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Ordering a Windshield Ordering a SHIELDS® Windshield in your car? There are some things we want to share with you about ordering a SHIELDS® Windshield. First and foremost we want to share that due to material costs going up over the past couple of years, we are having to increase our prices. These prices will be effective as of April 1, 2021. Here is a link to our catalog that you can see the new prices. We don't like having to increase our price but we hope you understand why we had to. If you have questions please use the [...]

1202, 2021

Safety withouth Sacrificing Quality.

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Safety without Sacrificing Quality The longer we are in the business of operator safety the more ways we see people coming up with ways to stay safe. This is great, people are focusing on safety more and more. However, when we see how people are doing this we just shake our head a little. We believe that you don't have to sacrifice quality to focus on safety. By quality, we mean a few things. When you add a cage to the outside of your glass window you are sacrificing the quality of your view. When you buy uncoated polycarbonate, cut [...]

912, 2020


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question mark clipart png from pngtree.com Hey SHIELDS People, This may be the most useful blog post yet. I am sharing with you our most frequent questions and answers about our products. We get phone calls every day asking these exact questions. I hope they are useful for you and if your question is not on this list you can ask it in the comments!   1. Going from the original glass size to a thicker option will I have to do any adjusting to make yours fit properly? No, with the SHIELDS® Advantage you get the form [...]

1311, 2020

SHIELDS® Advatage: Form Fit Function of Glass

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Hey SHIELDS® people, let's learn about polycarbonate!   We get questions every day about our 1/2" and 3/8" polycarbonate doors and window, "will it fit"? "Do I need anything extra"? We love this question because the response is always the best. NO, you don't need anything extra and YES our polycarbonate door will fit just the same as your OEM glass! Let's dive in. There are two parts to the SHIELDS® Advantage and right now we are talking about the Form-Fit - Function of OEM glass. Every single polycarbonate product you get from us will drop fit into your machine [...]