THIS IS SHIELDS® Windshields: Building within the framework of community

SHIELDS® Windshields ships its polycarbonate windows throughout the United States and halfway around the world. But no matter how far its reach extends, the company continues to prioritize its commitment to be a good neighbor and an active member of the community.

A good business knows the value of developing a strong sense of community. Cultivating it can have a significant impact on long-term success. It happens when there’s a deliberate effort in every aspect of the business.

SHIELDS® Windshields has worked diligently at being an active part of the greater Martinsville area, as well as the national and international heavy equipment industry – and the results show as the company continues to grow.

Second-generation family member and President, Brad Shields, sat down with his daughter, Director Alyxa McKee, who represents the third generation, and in a podcast, they discuss the culture of the company.

This is the second in a series of conversations hosted by Tim Surber about how the busin  ess took shape and grew over the past four and a half decades.

Community shows up

During the 100-year flood on June 6, 2008, SHIELDS® faced an unenviable situation. Martinsville received 11 inches of rain overnight and residents woke up to a nightmare. More than 1,200 homes were damaged and 160 destroyed, leaving many homeless.

SHIELDS® wasn’t exempt from the damage. The plant was submerged in 36 inches of water and layers of mud coated much of the production room floor. The damage was extensive, and production was threatened.

Until the community stepped in.

Brad Shields shares about the experience. “We were OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for Caterpillar at the time and on Wednesday we made a partial shipment and that’s after having 36 inches of water throughout entire building Sunday afternoon.

“On Sunday evening, we had so many family, friends, employees, employee families, players, coaches, coach or players’ families help. All I did was make sure we had food and drinks and make sure people were taking breaks.

“You think about how devastating that flood was, and yet we made a shipment, and we were partially back into manufacturing by Monday.”

Giving back to the community

Despite the challenges of maintaining production, Brad took his non-OEM crew and spent the next week and half working in other local businesses, cleaning up the rest of Martinsville.

“That’s the only thing we can do,” Brad said. “You know you’ve got to pay your employees to go clean. “

Alyx agreed.

“You give back your dues.”

That included the ones affected in the plant as well.

“We had many employees who lost their homes,” Alyx added. “You know the motivation of that. They’ve lost their home. They can’t lose their job. We’ve got to get operating.”

In it for the long haul

A growing business can be tempted to find more attractive business opportunities elsewhere, or they can choose to get creative and work within the community they started out with.

SHIELDS® has opted to stay put and make it work in Martinsville.

During a recent taping of a commercial for the company, Alyx touched on the subject. “I remember talking to our director of the commercial and it got me crying, talking about the community and all those things. I mean there’s probably more intelligent (business) moves we could make that would take us outside of the community. We’ve just put a bigger challenge in front of ourselves to expand, but I think it’s worth it.”

Brad concurred. “It’s way worth it.”

Playing the game the right way

There continue to be improvements moving forward, but sometimes it’s good to take inventory and see how far you’ve come. When asked about the last decade, Brad talked about his goals and where SHIELDS® stands in the heavy equipment business.

“I didn’t have a monetary goal,” Brad said. “My goal was to be synonymous with heavy equipment replacement, non-breakable, high-functioning performance windows.

“I go back to football. Your goal is to win the game, but you’ve got to focus on how you win. You win by first downs, you win by getting off the field on defense, and you win by not losing on special teams. If you focus on those three things, the scoreboard takes care of itself. If all we focus on is sales and numbers, we can get caught up in euphoria one day.

Playing the right way has paid off for SHIELDS® in the marketplace. Its commitment to quality instead of fast growth at any cost has vaulted it into a position of recognition with its customers and potential business partners.

“I felt it for the first time at ConExpo in 2023. It was fantastic for me to feel the recognition that we’re synonymous with premier windows, with windows that will help you make money, with windows that will keep you working, with windows that will keep you safe.”

Alyx has seen a change even in the last few years.

“I’m seeing it in little ways – the questions we got three years ago on the phone aren’t there, the name is there. “

Educating the marketplace

As the company’s footprint expands, customers are catching on to the importance and necessity of the products.

“People take windows for granted but I think our customers in the industry are really starting to recognize the SHIELDS® brand. You can’t take your windows for granted,” Alyx said.

Brad highlights education as being an important part of the business.

“We educate. We don’t sell. We educate, communicate and demonstrate.”

“Like the guy with the fleet of 75 windows – he almost apologized for trying just one. You try one, he will order for all of them.

“The bottom line is – if you’re sitting behind my window in a piece of heavy equipment, you’re making money, you’re staying on time and you’re going home safe every night.”

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The Windshield Guy

Let me tell you a little bit about me, and then I’ll tell you a little bit about my boss – “The Windshield Guy,” aka “The Eye Candy.” I’ll get to that later.

I’ve worked at SHIELDS Windshields for over seven years. This job found me by chance. Before I worked here, I helped with some artwork for one of their customers who ordered banners every year for seniors. The Shields liked my work and found themselves in need of a marketing manager and somebody who would be able to do some killer graphics for them. That was me.

My boss, the President of our company, our fearless leader, is none other than Brad Shields. I promise you, I haven’t gone a work day without hearing a dad joke since day one. More often than not, it’s one I’ve never heard before. We don’t always laugh, but I think he likes the challenge. He’s always looking for a joke that breaks that barrier where we can’t not laugh.

That’s just his personality, both at work and in public. Crowds tend to circle around him and his energy. We can’t go anywhere without somebody knowing him or within 10 minutes of talking to him, think they’ve known him forever.

His newest and probably most honest and obvious nickname ever is “The Windshield Guy.” We were in Vegas as a group, having a great time on Fremont and celebrating a great day at the ConExpo Trade Show. This guy, completely not sober, comes up to Brad and says, “Hey! You’re the windshield guy!” He completely ignores all of us and goes straight to him. I can’t even remember if Brad was wearing anything that even said Shields on it – maybe a hat. But I know for a fact a couple of us were wearing our Shields gear, and he’s the one who this guy remembers. Dang, he really is the eye candy!

This guy went on and on about how awesome our booth and the people working it were. He said he was going to tell everybody at home about our windows. He said, “You guys were the best damn booth at the whole show!” Ever been to ConExpo? It’s impossible to see it all in one day. Go big, or go home.

Conexpo 2023 booth and team

Trade shows for us as a company are extremely important. It gets us in front of people who may or may not know about our company. We definitely stand out in a crowd – we’re fun, we’re loud, we’re energetic, and, of course, we have eye–candy. Not many presidents in companies attend their trade shows, let alone work at them. Our boss does. He builds the booths, does the artwork (actually, I do; he just takes credit for it!), and is there every single day. He says he’s the reason why people come in the booth – he’s right. That’s what he does – His name is Shields and he makes Windshields.

By Melissa Dillon.

Interested in our products but not sure where to start? We recommend you learn about our material first!


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THIS IS SHIELDS® Windshields: How it all began

It’s been almost 50 years since Bill and Jacki Shields started Form Tec Plastics in the basement of their Lake Edgewood home. Since then, the company has continued to expand its footprint and SHIELDS® Windshields has emerged as an industry leader.

Tucked away in Martinsville, Indiana, the company has developed a worldwide reputation for excellence, but how well do you know how it got there?

Second-generation family member and President, Brad Shields, sat down with his daughter, Director Alyxa McKee, who represents the third generation, and in a podcast, they talk about some of the early days of the company.

This is the first in a series of conversations hosted by Tim Surber about how the business took shape and grew over the past four and a half decades.

The early years

Brad remembers helping his dad from an early age. During the podcast, he shared a humorous story with his daughter, showing the family’s commitment to local sports and the business.

“We were still at Lake Edgewood and we had this hallway between the basement and the garage where dad started making all the molds. Mom had her office right there on the other side of the fireplace in the basement. That was the office when it started. The garage was insulated and heated so dad could work all year.

“This was probably about 1977, maybe 1976. I’m helping dad with the mold and I’m using a carving tool that he showed me how to use. We’re listening to Jerry Sichting and the boys at regionals in basketball and I ran the carving tool into my hand and had to get stitches – but we had to wait until halftime.”

Brad’s reentry into the business

“I don’t know how the conversation came up, but you know, it was tough. You know Dad had a lot of challenges and overcame a lot of obstacles so there was some tension sometimes. I told him someday I’ll take over the business. I was informed that was never, ever going to ever happen.

“I was 10.”

Despite his early declaration of taking over, his love of teaching and coaching high school football kept him occupied.

But that didn’t mean he strayed far from home.

“I worked trade shows and was always involved with what Mom and Dad were doing, but dad really wanted me to get a business degree from IU. I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to be a coach and a realtor.”

Eventually, his connection to the business continued to expand and Brad’s path ultimately lead him back home.

Working up to an office

Even after he returned, he had to work his way up to getting his own workspace.

“During the first summer, I had to build a room for our new air compressors. I spent the first part of the summer building that room and then I started working on molds. I wanted an office, but that was not happening. I finally got a desk, a stand-up desk outside my dad’s back door. No phone and a stand-up desk. I finally got a phone, but when it was raining, I couldn’t talk on the phone because of the metal roof above me. I finally asked if I could build my little office, which I did.”

Introduction to polycarbonate

The next step in Brad’s evolution was taking on polycarbonate.

“When I finally got my hands on polycarbonate, I was amazed at how much I just knew, without ever knowing I knew. I’d been touching plastic my whole life. I did work for mom and dad one summer in college and I was forming fairings in acrylic, which has some similar properties, and that taught me a lot.

“But growing up watching plastic heat and form and touching it and feeling it as a kid, messing it up, screwing it up, I really jumped into it with a lot more knowledge than I ever thought I had.”

The next generation

Brad made sure to pass that knowledge along to his children to accelerate their knowledge of the business.

“I kind of put that back to you (Alyx) and your brother a little bit. You guys played on the bags. You guys grew up doing all kinds of seat rolls. Whatever I had the boys doing, you two little monkeys would do the stuff in the background, and so when it came to athletic training, there was a lot of stuff you just did, because you’ve been doing it since you were a toddler, because you didn’t know any better, and I think that was kind of the same thing. “

As Director of Operations now, Alyx appreciated the early exposure and lessons.

“Just growing up around plastic with that all that makes sense. I’m glad and I appreciate that. When I first started, I was in the conference room. I didn’t have a place either.

The evolution of the building

Alyx often refers to the facility as a Lego building. During tours, people are usually surprised by the number of rooms that have been added over the years.

Each new building represents an expansion for the company, and it continues to this day.

You do what?

When Alyx and Brad give tours of the building, people are almost always surprised at what the company produces. As many tours as Brad has given, he’s yet to have anyone knowledgeable about the business.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had one person take the tour and go yes, that’s what I thought you did, or yes, that’s what I thought was in here. They’re like, ‘I can’t believe it’s this big’ – and it is. You need GPS or the breadcrumbs to find your way back sometimes.”

Racing to the next market

One of the contributing factors to the ongoing growth is the rapid expansion of products SHIELDS® Windshields sells. The company started out making motorcycle fairings, but with the addition of polycarbonate, it opened up new possibilities.

NASCAR, and racing in general, was the next area of opportunity. The circuit had just moved to polycarbonate from glass and demand surged as teams prepared to make the switch.

NASCAR wasn’t the only one.

“We had IndyCar using windscreens, and Riley and Scott. They used to be in Indianapolis and then after they split up, Mark’s stayed around. They would do IndyCars and so dad and Mark Scott were pretty good acquaintances, so we got into that. We were kind of on the fringe of the race car world, but we were doing custom work.”

SHIELDS® continued to build its racing presence, adding the Corvette, Camaro and Mustang molds to its lineup, followed by Ferrari’s, Jaguars and Maserati’s.

The lineup continued to expand, and the vision was to own the motorsports market.

Until heavy equipment came calling.

A cold call changes the vision

Brad envisioned eventually moving toward construction equipment, but a cold call requesting a Bobcat skid steer window changed the timing. A call to the head of engineering gave SHIELDS® its first OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) contract and the wheels of progress kept turning.
That was just the tip of the iceberg for the expansion of the company.

The next product was a Caterpillar skylight. It was initially hand-trimmed, but it was at that time SHIELDS® decided to invest in its first five-axis router. Once it was up and operational, Brad and two others went from 20 parts a day to 20 parts an hour.

Learning from the past

Racing was good, but construction windows were even better. The company still produces motorsports, but the vast majority of the business is dedicated to heavy equipment.

Brad sees the benefit of having done both.

“I think the way that it panned out, in order to make the construction windows the best that we do, and you can see our quality difference, is because we went through motorsports and the hard curves and the big molds.

“We had to learn to be able to do a C5 Corvette, which is a tough window. And then we could do the Dodge Viper. We had to be quick, because race car guys are like ‘Hey, I got a race in five days.’ So we learned to just jump. We became very nimble, very responsive, and very inventive. And when I say ingenuity, I’m not calling us geniuses, I’m saying we learned how to trick the system and make parts now. We really learned to form and that has put us over the top in our world.”

Alyx concurred, adding, “And that’s what we still use. We still utilize a lot of those tricks in production.”

Brad added his agreement, “It’s much more sophisticated, but the heart of us is forming. We have better heating elements, we have better equipment, we have better this and that, but we have the same tool, the same procedure and the same art.“

Moving forward

Alyx represents the third generation of Shields to work in the family business. She is tasked with expanding the vision and taking it to the next level.

That process has already begun.

“We’ve done a lot in three and a half years,” Alyx said. “I have a vision in my head of where to take this great foundation and this great product that you guys have started.”

Full podcast

To hear the full interview with all the expanded stories and anecdotes, check out our podcast on Spotify under “This is SHIELDS,” click on this link https://open.spotify.com/episode/44i2fAhvX3T0sgqbSlpVxK?si=JlKozu3kSeKodN-l8Gp1sQ or type this link in your browser. A new episode will be recorded each month.

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Polycarbonate: Strength through Flex

PolycarbonatePolycarbonate is a unique material that is 260X stronger than glass, but yet can looks so much like glass people get them confused! Being strong is awesome, but what makes it so strong? I want to quickly explain what gives polycarbonate (Lexan®) its’ strength. It’s all about being flexible!

That’s right, polycarbonate has a flex to it so it is not rigid and stiff like glass. This flex gives polycarbonate its phenomenal strength and protective properties. We actually see this in other aspects of building materials. It might seem strange but a similar idea is used when building skyscrapers and bridges. When a skyscraper is built the building has to be “flexible” at the top. These buildings technically sway a little so they can withstand the weather they face 24/7. Some large bridges have a similar approach to facing the weather. So we look at that flex as an incredibly good thing!

When you hit a glass window with a rock you see that the glass cannot do anything with the force coming at it so it shatters and the rock goes right through. However, you threw a rock at our polycarbonate windows and you can see the polycarbonate flex and move to keep the rock from penetrating the window. We have a great demonstration video of this on our YouTube page. The flex is important for your safety as a drive or operator!

A customer reached out to use and shared a story with us that shows this first hand.

“Anyways I am very glad I bought it in the end. I had been debating it as I was only going to do 7 days mulching on my property and then probably never again. Wasn’t sure about the expense as I thought I could maybe just be careful, and use the glass one. However, on day one I was mulching away and a 3” rock somehow flew out the back and hit so hard I think the windshield actually bowed into the cab. I am positive it would have shattered the glass one and come into the cab. Who knows how much damage that could have done to me. Glad I don’t know.”⁠


That is what we call a strong windshield! We are glad our customer was safe and did not just try and “be safe” with his glass windshield. Now flexibility allowing for superior strength will not work if you are talking to your personal trainer, but it will keep you safer on the racetrack and on a job site! One note that we want everyone to learn. Different gauges of polycarbonate are going to show this flex more than others. Our 1/4″ for example will have more natural movement due to its thinner nature. However, our 3/8″ is going to be more rigid and our 1/2″ is going to be solid while operating your machine. When using 1/4′ due to its strength and movement some skid steer cabs have some tricks to work with movement. Be sure to give us a call and we can help you with that.


Until next time,

Your SHIELDS® Team

To learn more about polycarbonate and our gauges check out this post

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