I want to tell you about this 1 piece Volvo wheel loader windshield but I also want to praise our team here at SHIELDS! This team pulled off an amazing feat with this Volvo Wheel Loader and I could not let this go untold. If you are reading this then you know we now have the Volvo F, G, and H wheel loader series windshield and windows. Replacing glass is what we do here day and in and out; however, this task was a little unique. Normally we bring in the glass and replicate it but this time we got the WHEEL LOADER itself, not just the glass.

The Quick Version

Volvo Large Wheel loader

It was an adventure from the beginning. The driver who hauled this HUGE piece of equipment didn’t have the keys to drive it off his truck! That was the first speedbump. However, we showed back up the next day and it was in our parking lot. Now we are not suited to have giant machines in our buildings so this monster piece of equipment squeezed in our largest door with inches to spare. Once we got it in the building the challenge started. We had to remove ALL the windows and all 3 pieces of the front windshield, keeping them intact so we can replicate them in polycarbonate.

We began removing them and the first thought was how awful it must be to remove these on a work site if they break – just awful. This was even more motivating for us to make an amazing replacement for our customer. In only 3 weeks, we took those 3 pieces of 1/4″ glass and created a 1 piece polycarbonate replacement windshield in 1/2″ polycarbonate! The engineering and work that went into this project are incredible. Not to mention, at the same time as this our team was replicating all 7 other windows on this machine. That alongside multiple other projects at the same time. Not only did we make all 8 pieces in 3 weeks, but we also installed them. Now, that is not normal for us and was a part of this special project. Our typical lead time on projects like this is the standard 8 weeks, but this team went above and beyond.

Why Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate windshields

Why did our customer want a polycarbonate windshield for his Volvo Wheel Loader? A few reasons. First, when they are on a worksite and this glass breaks, which happens often, they have to stop working and get it replaced. That is expensive in time and resources. Our windshield is our thickest and safest option, 1/2″ not only will this not break on them, but it is also lighter and easier to install than glass. Our windshield also keeps operators safer and more comfortable in extreme climates. Not to mention it is a beautiful, large windshield that no longer has a broken view because it is all 1 now! See the details below on all of the windows!

  • Front windshield: 3/8″ and 1/2″ available 
  • Rear windshield: 1/4″
  • All left-hand doors and windows: 1/4″
  • All right-hand doors and windows: 1/4″
  • Models that ist fits
    • L150F, L180F, L220F
    • L110G, L120G, L150G, L180G, L220G, L250G,
    • L250H, L260H, L220H, L180HHL, L180H, L150H, L120H, L110H, L90H, L70H, L60H

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Alyx – Dir. Of Communications

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