Let me tell you a little bit about me, and then I’ll tell you a little bit about my boss – “The Windshield Guy,” aka “The Eye Candy.” I’ll get to that later.

I’ve worked at SHIELDS Windshields for over seven years. This job found me by chance. Before I worked here, I helped with some artwork for one of their customers who ordered banners every year for seniors. The Shields liked my work and found themselves in need of a marketing manager and somebody who would be able to do some killer graphics for them. That was me.

My boss, the President of our company, our fearless leader, is none other than Brad Shields. I promise you, I haven’t gone a work day without hearing a dad joke since day one. More often than not, it’s one I’ve never heard before. We don’t always laugh, but I think he likes the challenge. He’s always looking for a joke that breaks that barrier where we can’t not laugh.

That’s just his personality, both at work and in public. Crowds tend to circle around him and his energy. We can’t go anywhere without somebody knowing him or within 10 minutes of talking to him, think they’ve known him forever.

His newest and probably most honest and obvious nickname ever is “The Windshield Guy.” We were in Vegas as a group, having a great time on Fremont and celebrating a great day at the ConExpo Trade Show. This guy, completely not sober, comes up to Brad and says, “Hey! You’re the windshield guy!” He completely ignores all of us and goes straight to him. I can’t even remember if Brad was wearing anything that even said Shields on it – maybe a hat. But I know for a fact a couple of us were wearing our Shields gear, and he’s the one who this guy remembers. Dang, he really is the eye candy!

This guy went on and on about how awesome our booth and the people working it were. He said he was going to tell everybody at home about our windows. He said, “You guys were the best damn booth at the whole show!” Ever been to ConExpo? It’s impossible to see it all in one day. Go big, or go home.

Conexpo 2023 booth and team

Trade shows for us as a company are extremely important. It gets us in front of people who may or may not know about our company. We definitely stand out in a crowd – we’re fun, we’re loud, we’re energetic, and, of course, we have eye–candy. Not many presidents in companies attend their trade shows, let alone work at them. Our boss does. He builds the booths, does the artwork (actually, I do; he just takes credit for it!), and is there every single day. He says he’s the reason why people come in the booth – he’s right. That’s what he does – His name is Shields and he makes Windshields.

By Melissa Dillon.

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